Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why are some of our price so low? & why you should shop with us.

The Dressup Store officially launched on 1st June 2009 with 2 mini collections. The owner is a 21 year old "Auntie" who loves shopping a lot!

Through the years, the owner has brought thousands of things online and collected a whole bunch of bad online shopping experience. With this experience, she decide to open a blogshop which she hopes to create a better shopping experience for her customers.

These are some of the things she is trying to achieve.

1. No long waiting time.
Many of the blogshop does not bring in stock and thus when she sees something she likes, she has to join online sprees and pre-orders. All sprees and pre-orders comes with the hateful long waiting time. Even the shortest time taken is 2 weeks and the longest took more than 2 months. -.-

Therefore the owner decides to order limited number of items and bring them in to sell instead. So, all items in her blogshop are instock!

2. Photos of real item.
Ever bought an item online and when you receive it, it doesn't look like the item you saw on the photo in the blogshop? Most blogshop owners does not have the stock or are too lazy to take photos of the actual item. They simply put whatever photos they can find online or from their suppliers.

All photos of items are taken by the owner using her Sony digital camera which is slightly better compared to those poor quality photos taken by handphone camera. At The Dressup Store, what you see is what you get!

3. Simple Blog Layout.
Ever been to a super confusing blogshop or blogshop that takes forever to load or has loud music that scares you while you're blogshop hopping? The owner does not believe in forcing her favourite type of music on her customers. She also believes that the time taken to create a "perfect" layout could be better spent on sourcing for more stocks to bring in.

If you're looking for blogshops that blasts loud music or one that takes 20mins to load, I'm sad to inform you, The Dressup Store is not the blogshop that you're looking for.

4. Save more on shipping.
Many blogshops in order to make it simple for themselves, they would state the "item + shipping" price, for example (item price 19 + shipping price 1, they would state..) SGD20 mailed. So, when you purchase more than 1 item from their blogshop you have indirectly paid more for shipping.

Case scenario: The normal shipping for 1 item is $1.00 and the normal shipping rate to send out 3 items together is $1.50. You would be indirectly paying $3.00 for normal shipping instead of $1.50!

At The Dressup Store, shipping and handling fee is separated from the item price. When you purchase more than 1 item, the owner will recalculate the postage fee for you.

5. Low Additional Cost (Labour)
Some blogshops are maintained by more than 1 person thus they have to markup their item selling price more, in order to make enough from each sale to benefit everyone. This is also known as "Labour cost". The Dressup Store is owned and maintained by the one and only owner.

6. Low Additional Cost (Other Additional)
Other additional cost comes from special web designing, model's fee for modelling their items and photography fee. Imagine you have to pay more just to see people with good figures or a pretty face to wear items you don't know if it looks good on you.

7. No Additional Cost (Advertising)
The are blogshops that spend quite a bit on advertising and advertorials, where do you think their budget for advertising come from? If you think it's from their own pockets.. think again.. ;)

8. Honesty
If an item is Korean inspired the owner should never label it as "Korean accessories" or "from Korea". I've seen blogshops holding pre-orders for some "Korean accessories" where the items are actually imported from China. The items even come with Tags/Packaging with Korean Wordings to make it look like it's really from Korea.

If you ask me what's the difference between the 2. The quality and price. When you receive an item that looks different from what you see in the photos, most probably the item is not taken from the photo source. So always choose a blogshop that has photos of the actual item to avoid more disappointment. :)

Please do not copy and paste any part of this entry and claim that it's yours, I spend more than 8 hours compiling ideas, organising, typing, taking photos, editing the photos, uploading them and re-organise everything so that it looks good.
Thank you very much! :)

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