Monday, September 21, 2009

Unlucky Swap. (With photos)

Update: Apparently, I'm not the only one who had bad experience with this seller.

I used do swaps if people have the things I'm interested in. Now I shall no longer entertain swaps/trades/exchanges due to really bad experience.

Recently I did a swap with this girl and I'm sad to say I'm really very disappointed. All my items are brand new in pack yet all her items which she claimed to be brand new are all used items! (Photos at the bottom of this post.)

My items:
1 Red Hearts Shape Shades (C13-003)
+ 1 Big Black Bow / Ribbon Hair Clip (C12-006)
+ 1 Silver Ribbon Anklet (C8-005)
+ 1 Black/Gold Knotted Heart Long Necklace (C7-006)
+ 1 Green Bangles + Golden Happy Charms (C11-002)
+ 1 Vintage Heart Pendant Bangle - Gold (C3-003)

Her items:
1 (BROWN SPOTS Larolle pouch with zip) 4mailed
+ 1 (Red racerback.Brand new in packaging.Tagged M, from mango) 8mailed
+ 1 (White boyfee blouse.Fits S-L.) 8mailed
+ 1 (Glossy purple shorts.Tagged M, fits 27-28.Brand new in packaging.) 14mailed

Out of 4 items I can confirm at least 3 are used.
The Red racerback from mango have tiny hole + stains.
The Boyfee blouse have many many stains!
The Glossy purple shorts's tag has been cut off and looks like it has been washed before.

I felt like I've exchanged 6 piece of accessories for a whole bag of junk! lol.
Because of her, I shall not do anymore swaps unless you really have something that I really really really want.


All photos have been resized by blogger, so if you can't see them clearly, can click on photos to see them enlarged.

Slight furring + small white stain. Which I have no idea what is that.

Water or duno what stain from inside.

Stain from outside.

This hole is in the front chest area so it's quite obvious!

Stains on chest area and fake pocket.

More stains

Stains on the other fake pocket.

Stains on buttons. There were stains everywhere!

Tag snipped off.

Obvious fading after washing.

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