Monday, January 14, 2013

Bazaar Weekends 23-24th January 2010 [5-10pm]

thedressupstore will be going for Bazaar Round No. 2.
If you missed the first one, this one's not to be missed! Further price reduction for items leftover from first bazaar!

Brand New Instocks!
Fashion Rings at $2 each!
Lovely Necklaces from $1 each!
Lowest priced Geeky Specs ever.
Too good to be true? If you missed it, it's not my lost. (:

Those who have been to the first bazaar (9th Jan) but couldn't get the items you want cause they were oos, I actually manage to get a few new instocks (Black geeky specs and some new rings/necklaces.) So do dropby to check out the new items. =)

The Tigger Soft Toy is still up for grabs. Rules slightly changed.
So do come down to find out how to get the soft toy! :)

I know my layout for the first bazaar is super messy, so I've decided to bring some boxes so it'll look neater. At least the mess is inside the boxes. :p okay, Hope to see you all there!

11thJan2010:The first bazaar is over and I still have tons of stocks left. :'(
Winner for the Pooh Bear contacted. I might be having a second/third flea maarket to clear the items. too many leftovers~~ :'(
Will find time to update the item status and new prices on the blog. Been super busy. Sorry!


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