Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dear all, this blogshop is closing....

Sorry, because I'm unable to find space to keep the instocks and I am not making money, so I have to close this blogshop.

First I have to apologise to those asking for swaps, I'm sorry I've no time to reply because I'm currently very very busy stock taking, changing plastic wrapper for some items, tagging prices on items and packing for the Bazaar. I've received like 6-7 swap request today and I simply do not have time to go through each of your websites. I'm really sorry and I hope you can understand.

Next, I would like to apologise to those asking for more photos or measurements recently, I am unable to provide them because I simply do not have an equipment to measure (lost ruler and measuring tape at the same time. Super Suay right... -.-'') and also not enough time to unpack them from their packaging just to take a few more shots and place it back into the plastic wrapper and pack into those boxes.

Thirdly, those who could not confirm or did not give me a 100% positive reply by 8th Jan 2010, I am sorry for not being able to reserve the items for you. I hope to clear these items in the bazaar and if I didn't manage to clear them, I am considering donating to a certain organization. If you're really interested in the items, do consider going down to the Bazaar. (:

Lastly, I would like to thank all those who have bought from me. Especially a few of you who have given me your support again and again. X Y, RunawayR., Anna/Farhana, Val, Jeanie, Angela, Seakim, and so many more of you... You girls know who you are.. Without you all I wouldn't have kept going even when I'm not making much and felt like closing down when I meet with some unreasonable and demanding customers. Really thank you for your support in this short 6-7 months. If I ever had the ability to "reopen" the shop again, I will let you girls be the first to know! Thanks! (:

See those of you who can make it at the Bazaar!!! :)

A very tired owner.

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