Saturday, October 31, 2009


Please do not contact me if your item is not Brand New.
Willing to trade only if you have the items in Brand New condition!!!

Brand New F21 inspired Metal frame wallet
In Pink Glitter, Silver Glitter (Glossy surface) at S$12.00 or under
In Gold Glitter or Blue glitter (Glossy surface) at S$10.00 or under

Brand New MGL Dark Denim Shorts
Size L at S$12 or under

Strappy Bandage Wedges (Purple/Navy preferred!)
Size 34 at S$22 or under
Size 35 at S$19 or under

If you have a Brand New Size 34 Heels, heel height around 2 inch price under S$20, feel free to email me the pics and price.

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